28 Aug 2023

Average Nutec Home Cost

According to Local Pros, the average price for a Nutec unit (regarded as a temporary structure) will start from R1,200 per m2 and for larger structures from R3,000 and above, depending on the homeowner’s preferred choice and specification.

Everite has also identified component manufacturers who, armed with a building code or agrement certificate, are able to manufacture and construct homes that the owner will be able to obtain a bond through.

Although these prices are an indication only and should be evaluated on your individual project, here are two examples of what a modest fit-out can achieve:

The Wendy House Shop sells an overlap Nutec wendy house for R18,500 (1.8m x 1.8m). Their flat panel Nutec wendy house retails for R13,500 (1.5m x 1.8m). This is calculated based on using Nutec handy planks overlapped in a vertical pattern or Nutec flat panels, wooden floors, a flat roof using IBR roof sheets, wooden windows, wooden doors, and plastic lining on inside walls.

Nutec Houses sells Nutec homes starting from R28,000 (3m × 4m) to R100,000 for a 6m × 9m structure (three bedrooms, an open plan kitchen and lounge, and a bathroom). All complete structures include partitioning, ceiling, board lining, roof insulation, wall insulation, skimming, electrical work (wiring, plugs, lights, and DB board), plumbing (toilet, basin, kitchen sink, and a shower), and a plain front door and inside doors (standard door).

Larger Nutec home structures that are typically built using structural insulated panels (SIP) or more recently with a cross laminated timber (CLT) option enjoy Agrément certification or a registered building code respectively. These Nutec homes are able to provide the homeowner with a bonded version on a larger stand for the owner to consider.

In short, the affordability is driven beyond simply the build of the house. The speed of construction allows for length costs on site to be avoided. So, to the reduction in wastage, as the components of a Nutec home are prepared and constructed within a quality-controlled environment. These two attributes alone are often not considered when the structure of the unit is being determined and only reviewed when the overall cost of the project is determined.

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