Company Overview

Lonsa is a principal investment holding entity that invests in businesses that enable infrastructure and housing development; facilitate logistical services; deliver renewable energy; and provide affordable housing in Africa.

Lonsa was established in 2004 and has a multi-jurisdictional and sectoral track record of concluding complex corporate transactions. Lonsa’s principals have unrivalled experience and knowledge of working with diverse businesses gained by investing in excess of USD$2.5 billion in the Continent over the past 17 years. Lonsa is incorporated in Mauritius. Lonsa has two focusses: Lonsa Advisory and Lonsa Capital

Lonsa Advisory

Lonsa Advisory is a corporate and investment advisory business which consults to small and mid-market companies in corporate finance, restructuring and investment. It leverages off the vast network and corporate financial expertise of its principals. Lonsa Advisory does fee-earning advisory work for the Group’s companies as well as for third parties.

Lonsa Capital

Lonsa Capital is a principal investment entity. It makes finance advances, holds general debt, shares and cash portfolios and undertakes other fee, finance and profit earning activities.