Company Overview

Lonsa is a principal investment holding entity that invests in businesses that enable infrastructure and housing development; facilitate logistical services; deliver renewable energy; and provide affordable housing in Africa.

Lonsa was established in 2004 and has a multi-jurisdictional and sectoral track record of concluding complex corporate transactions. Lonsa’s principals have unrivaled experience and knowledge of working with diverse businesses gained by investing in excess of USD$2.5 billion in the Continent over the past 17 years. Lonsa is incorporated in Mauritius.

Mission Statement

Lonsa’s mission is to build and manage a sustainable, shared-value-driven business through unlocking the power of private enterprise to drive social and economic transformation while making a financial return. We are committed to advancing the interests of Africa and her people in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Vision Statement

To be a leading enabler and deliverer of infrastructure and housing development, facilitate logistical services, deliver renewable energy, and provide affordable housing in Africa in transformative numbers.

Our Values

We fearlessly assert our values and boldly stand for what we believe in.

We attribute our success to exceptional standards in all our ventures. We are continuously improving and continuously perfecting our way of doing things.

We value shared commitment and time continues to refine us.

We lead by listening and valuing our people and their contributions. We believe we go further when we work together.